5 Smartphone and Screen Time Tips to Reduce Migraines

Migraines will be extremely debilitating. For some individuals, the ache is so extreme that it turns into difficult to do something apart from lie in a darkish room till the assault passes.

A number of elements can set off or worsen migraine assaults, however if in case you have observed that extended use of your smartphone usually results in bouts of migraines, you would possibly need to take into account making some adjustments.

So, what’s the hyperlink between smartphones and migraines, and what are you able to do about it?

How Cellular Telephones Might Trigger Migraines

A number of research have discovered hyperlinks between cell phone utilization (or extended display screen time publicity on the whole) and migraines, like this study in Cephalalgia. Nonetheless, the jury continues to be out on why this may be the case.

There are just a few theories, nonetheless, that provide some explanations:

  1. The blue mild emitted by smartphone screens might disrupt your sleep, a typical migraine set off.
  2. Extended smartphone use might result in eye pressure, a well known migraine set off.
  3. Using smartphones for prolonged intervals might also result in “textual content neck” (bending your head down and slumping your again to take a look at your display screen), one other widespread migraine set off.

As well as, this study from the American Academy of Neurology demonstrates that main headache sufferers who use their telephones for lengthy intervals usually tend to take extra medicines, however expertise much less reduction.

Whereas the analysis continues to be inconclusive, it appears clear that there’s a hyperlink between smartphone utilization and migraines. In case you discover that your migraines worsen after utilizing your cellphone for prolonged intervals, it may be time for some adjustments.


5 Modifications You Can Make to Scale back Your Threat of Migraines

Your loved one handheld companion might set off or worsen migraine assaults. Listed below are some ideas to assist mitigate the chance.

1. Alter Your Display screen’s Brightness

The sunshine out of your smartphone and your environment can result in eye pressure, which happens when your eyes get drained from overuse, particularly after participating in actions that require you to deal with one thing for lengthy intervals. This could worsen migraines or set off an assault.

To avoid eye strain from screens, you will need to stability the brightness of your display screen with that of your environment. For instance, if you happen to’re in a darkish room, you would possibly need to flip the brightness down in your cellphone. Make it a behavior to regulate your cellphone’s brightness all through the day to get probably the most snug viewing expertise and be sure that your eyes aren’t getting overworked.

Along with this, use the 20-20-20 rule to keep away from gazing at your display screen for prolonged intervals. The rule is as follows: every time you spend 20 minutes a display screen, select one thing else that is as much as 20 ft away and take a look at it for 20 seconds.

2. Activate Blue Mild Filters

There’s something so engaging about utilizing your cellphone in mattress earlier than drifting off to sleep. And though you would possibly know that the blue mild emitted by your screens can disrupt sleep, you proceed to do it anyway. This could possibly be a major contributing issue to your migraines.

Assuming you select not to surrender your pre-bedtime smartphone behavior (we get it, it’s arduous), there are some settings you may play with to reduce the influence of blue mild in your sleep.

Many telephones include a blue mild filter choice that you would be able to activate to assist scale back the blue mild emission out of your smartphone. For instance, in case you are utilizing an iPhone, you may leverage Night Shift to reduce blue light. To activate Night time Shift in your iPhone, go to Settings > Show & Brightness > Night time Shift. You may select whenever you need Night time Shift to begin and cease and in addition modify the colour temperature.

If you’re utilizing an Android cellphone, there may be additionally a built-in blue mild filter that you would be able to activate in your show settings, though the identify could also be totally different relying in your system. For instance, Samsung calls it Eye Consolation Protect.

Alternatively, you should purchase blue light blocking glasses, which will help filter out blue mild from any display screen.

3. Enhance Textual content Measurement

Do you end up squinting your eyes to learn the textual content in your cellphone? It may be time to extend the textual content dimension. Squinting at a pc display screen can result in eye pressure, in keeping with a study in Optometry and Vision Science. And eye pressure might worsen migraines.

To extend the textual content dimension in your iPhone, go to Settings > Show & Brightness > Textual content Measurement. Right here, you may drag the slider to the best to make the textual content bigger.

On Android telephones, go to Settings > Show, after which search for the font dimension choice. Moreover, you may leverage voice search and text-to-speech options to cut back the period of time you spend textual content in your display screen.

4. Use Migraine Administration Apps

It may be difficult so that you can maintain monitor of your migraines and, typically, determine doable triggers. Luckily, you should utilize migraine monitoring apps that will help you log your signs, period, ache degree, and some other related data.

Migraine Buddy is a migraine and headache monitoring app that helps you perceive your situation and handle it higher. The app means that you can enter your signs, severity of the ache, location, and doable triggers. It additionally offers useful insights based mostly in your information and allows you to share your data together with your physician.

Obtain: Migraine Buddy for Android | iOS (Free, subscription obtainable)

5. Restrict Your Display screen Time

Among the best issues you are able to do to alleviate migraines is to chop down in your display screen time. This may be robust, particularly if you happen to depend on screens for work or college, but it surely’s essential to guard your well being.

That can assist you restrict your display screen time, you can begin by studying how a lot time you’re spending in your cellphone. If you’re utilizing an iPhone, you should utilize Display screen Time options to cut back the period of time you spend in your cellphone.

To do that, go to Settings > Display screen Time and discover your utilization statistics. As soon as you already know your most-used apps, you may set limits for your self.

To verify display screen time on Android, go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing & parental controls. As well as, you may additionally need to take into account limiting your screen time without using a screen. For instance, use an analog alarm clock as an alternative of your cellphone’s built-in alarm to keep away from spending time in your cellphone very first thing within the morning.

Take Steps to Scale back Your Telephone’s Impression on Your Migraines

Whereas there’s no surefire solution to forestall migraines, there are some issues you are able to do to cut back the frequency or severity of your migraine assaults. Taking steps to cut back your cellphone’s influence on migraines will be essential in managing your situation and defending your well being.

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