How to Block and Unblock Artists on Spotify

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Spotify’s advice algorithm is constantly praised for its performance, however like different know-how, it isn’t at all times good. As a result of as people, we’re difficult beings. You would possibly like one tune from a given artist however do not like the entire style. Equally, you would possibly like a specific style however detest songs from a given artist.


To take care of this, Spotify means that you can cover songs out of your suggestions, and if you wish to take it up a notch, you may as well block artists on Spotify.

What Occurs When You Block an Artist on Spotify?

Blocking an artist on Spotify has two key repercussions. First, Spotify will not advocate the artist’s songs throughout the platform and on all gadgets. Second, for those who search and play any tune by the artist, it will not play—till you unblock the artist. Nonetheless, one key exception applies. If a blocked artist is featured in a tune or album from one other artist, the tune will nonetheless play.

Apart from, blocking an artist won’t cease you from seeing their songs elsewhere. You’ll nonetheless see the artist title, songs, and albums in your search outcomes, permitting you to unblock them if you want.

Learn how to Block Particular Artists on Spotify

It’s possible you’ll want to block an artist on Spotify for numerous causes. Regardless of your cause, the platform has your again.

Sadly, like hiding songs on Spotify, you’ll be able to solely block an artist on cellular (Android and iOS). As of writing, you’ll be able to’t block artists whereas utilizing Spotify on the internet or through the devoted desktop app.

This is the way to block an artist on Spotify:

  1. Discover an artist you want to block. To do that, you’ll be able to seek for an artist utilizing the Search tab. You may as well discover them by means of a playlist. Alternatively, if the artist’s tune is taking part in, faucet the participant on the backside and faucet on the title to go to the artist’s profile.
  2. Faucet the three-dot menu beneath the artist’s title to open an choices menu.
  3. Faucet Do not play this or Do not play this artist.

As soon as you’ve got finished that, Spotify will present you a pop-up to substantiate that the modifications have been saved. If the artist’s tune have been at present taking part in earlier than blocking, it will cease instantly after. Spotify will play the subsequent tune in line in case you are listening to a playlist. When you navigate to a blocked artist’s web page, Spotify will show a block icon as an alternative of the common Comply with button.

Learn how to Unblock an Artist on Spotify

If you wish to play songs from a blocked artist, it’s essential to unblock them first. Beginning Might 2021, Spotify eliminated the devoted folder that allowed you to see all of your blocked or hidden artists and songs. As such, discovering your checklist of blocked artists or songs on Spotify is not attainable. Due to this fact, it’s essential to know the particular artist’s title to unblock them.

This is the way to unblock an artist on Spotify:

  1. Seek for an artist’s title within the Search tab and choose it from the search outcomes to open their profile.
  2. Lastly, faucet the Block icon underneath the title to unblock the artist.

You may as well unblock the artist by tapping the three-dot menu beneath the artist’s title to open the choices menu after which faucet Permit to play this artist.

After that, the artist’s songs will likely be playable. Except for blocking, there are totally different causes a tune could also be unplayable on Spotify. Fortunately, there are simple and fast methods of recovering unplayable songs on Spotify.

Take away Undesirable Songs and Artists From Your Spotify Suggestions

There are two methods to take away undesirable songs and artists to enhance your Spotify suggestions. You may cover particular person songs or block artists, and each of those strategies apply in several conditions. Blocking an artist will take away all their songs out of your suggestions whereas hiding a tune will solely apply to that tune.

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