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AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin

AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin v2.6.4.1 + Addons

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Download AffiliateWP v2.6.4.1 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.6.4.1, January 25, 2021

  • Fixed: AffiliateWP 2.6.4 update causes a fatal error with Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms
Download AffiliateWP v2.6.4 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
Version 2.6.4, January 25, 2021

  • New: Add Hungary to the list of countries supported by Payouts Service
  • Improved: Add support for referral types in referral imports and exports
  • Improved: Add User Switching 'Switch To' support to the affiliates list table
  • Improved: Indicate whether dynamic coupons is set up and enabled in the System Info file
  • Improved: More efficiently check for add-on updates
  • Fixed: Avoid a fatal when checking self-affiliate REST requests
  • Fixed: Resolve a conflict with WooCommerce Subscription's "sudo coupons" feature
  • Fixed: Batch processor does not always visually update when running an importer
  • Fixed: is_infinite() expects parameter 1 to be float, string given
  • Fixed: Thai translation not working
  • Dev: Update core registry to support non-array registrars
Download AffiliateWP v2.6.3.1 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.6.3.1, January 5, 2021

  • Fixed: WooCommerce variable product rates can inadvertently get set to 0.00 in some cases
Download AffiliateWP v2.6.3 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
Version 2.6.3, December 15, 2020

  • Improved: Dynamic coupons should be generated when auto-registering new users as affiliates
  • Fixed: Recount Stats tool doesn't account for setting zero-based affiliate stats
  • Fixed: WooCommerce: Prevent non-period decimal separators from getting stripped from product referral rates
  • Fixed: $category_id is undefined in EDD's get_referral_total() method
  • Dev: Add compatibility for WP_REST_Request::has_param() pre-WordPress 5.3
Download AffiliateWP v2.5.5 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
Version 2.5.5, July 2, 2020

  • Improved: WooCommerce: Improve performance of sales data calculations in WooCommerce 4.0+
  • Improved: Add Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Malta, and Romania to the list of countries supported by the Payouts Service
  • Improved: Include request data when debug logging record insertion failures
  • Improved: Update the Japanese translations
  • Fixed: Cannot import zero-amount referrals from a CSV file
Download AffiliateWP v2.5.3 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.5.3, May 7, 2020 -

  • Improved: WP EasyCart: Use get_affiliate_id() helper to retrieve the affiliate ID
  • Fixed: WooCommerce: Tallying total order sales for Reports sometimes causes memory exhaustion errors
  • Fixed: MemberMouse: Restore the ability to create referrals
  • Fixed: Third-party integrations cannot be registered in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Fix Danish translations