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LearnDash - The Most Trusted WordPress LMS Plugin

LearnDash - The Most Trusted WordPress LMS Plugin v3.4.0.4 Nulled

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Download LearnDash v3.4.0.4 - WordPress LMS Plugin by LearnDash Nulled Free

Updated use php timestamp for quiz completion times rather than a JS based value
Fixed modifying course progress from the backend user profile in the wp-admin resets all incomplete courses
Fixed sprintf warning too few arguments
Download LearnDash v3.3.0.3 - WordPress LMS Plugin by LearnDash Nulled Free
Update: Version

Fixed WordPress 5.5 compatibility issue
Download LearnDash v3.2.3.6 - WordPress LMS Plugin by LearnDash Nulled Free
Update: Version

  • Fixed LD Menu Items on new install
  • Fixed Fatal Error when group leader tries filtering in the WordPress admin
Download LearnDash v3.2.3.5 - WordPress LMS Plugin by LearnDash Nulled Free
Update: Version

  • Fixed Matrix sorting not respecting order in the builder
  • Fixed Final quizzes always being associated with the first lesson in a course
  • Fixed Quiz with prerequisites not able to be started by non-admins
  • Fixed Translations causing URL redirects
  • Fixed Button spacing on quiz legacy templates
  • Fixed Syntax error on quiz cookie code
Download LearnDash v3.2.3.3 - WordPress LMS Plugin by LearnDash Nulled Free
Update: Version

  • Fixed issue with quiz leaderboard preventing quiz from starting
Download LearnDash v3.2.2 - WordPress LMS Plugin by LearnDash Nulled Free
Update: Version 3.2.2

  • Updated HTTP GET /POST timeouts back to 15 seconds
  • Fixed TCPDF formating/spacing issues
  • Fixed pausing of videos if not active window/browser
  • Fixed grading issue with sorting questions
  • Fixed Quiz Statistics not viewable by non-admin users
  • Fixed Quiz Statistics returning incomplete results
  • Fixed Quiz Statistics undefined function
  • Fixed Legacy Templates by adding class to current Topic dots items
  • Fixed question types not being translatable
  • Fixed issues with Group Leader users count
  • Removed "Take this Course" button on closed course
Download LearnDash v3.2.0 LMS WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
Update: Version 3.2 - Major Release


  • Added Group Hierarchy - Groups can now be nested within other Groups (Access, Group Leader Control will pass down the hierarchical tree)
  • Added Group Purchase Access - Groups can now be setup for direct purchase like Courses
  • Added Group Certificates - Users can now receive a Certificate when completing a Group
  • Added Group Membership Content Protection - A user’s Group enrollment can be used to protect access to other post types
  • Added Group Leader settings to allow managing Groups, Courses, and Users
  • Added Group Leader bypass settings to allow Group Leader to bypass many course restrictions similar to admin users
  • Added Group auto-enroll Courses - Better control over which Courses can trigger auto-enroll into group
  • Added shortcode [ld_group_list] - This shortcode functions much like the [ld_course_list] shortcode
  • Updated Group Email - Changes to allow sending individual emails instead of the default using BCC header
  • Updated search related to Lesson, Topics and Quizzes so that it can now restrict the results to show only if student is enrolled
  • Updated breadcrumbs to be included on Quizzes
  • Updated PayPal IPN process to use the First and Last name from payee data
  • Updated Video Progression - Auto-pause video if the browser window looses focus
  • Updated Video Progression - Remember video progress (cookie) to allow the user to return to the page and resume
  • Updated LD User Registration - Added action to replace default form
  • Updated Quiz Import page load to improve performance
  • Updated the Reports > Transactions list table to include new columns and filters
  • Updated to select2 library and configuration
  • Updated CSV library used for generating reports
  • Updated TCPDF library to most recent version, also new add-ons for legacy TCPDF library support and All TCPDF fonts
  • Updated core plugin for improved security based on independent security audit by external agency
  • Fixed Certificate shortcode so that it works for a Group
  • Fixed Course Navigation widget so that it follows course content page
  • Fixed Focus Mode sidebar auto-scroll to current item (now works with pagination)
  • Fixed pagination issue when [course_content] shortcode is used on a Course
  • Fixed Quiz Statistics Overview tab output
  • Fixed Quiz Essay upload messages so that they appear below upload form
  • Fixed video not showing on Quiz Questions
  • Fixed PayPal IPN process to use seller or business emails
  • Fixed LD User Registration so that it functions better under WP Multisite
  • Fixed issue in the learndash_get_users_for_course() function
  • Fixed issue with BitBucket API and the WordPress download_url() function missing
Download LearnDash v3.1.6 LMS WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
LearnDash v3.1.6 + Addons Fixed