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Porto - Multipurpose & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Porto - Multipurpose & WooCommerce WordPress Theme v6.2.1

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Download Porto v6.2.1 | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Themes Nulled Free
v6.2.1 (Oct 21th.2021)

+ Added: Compatibility with Yith Wishlist Pro plugin
+ Added: an option to order by multiple fields for products element

- Updated: lazy load mobile menu only when enabling "Lazy Load Sub Menus" in speed optimize wizard

- Fixed: css including order issue when using "Internal Embedding" CSS Print Method in Elementor
- Fixed: minor compatibility issues with Theme Options and Elementor kit
- Fixed: a php error in page layout when using child theme
- Fixed: "Post Meta Position" theme option is not working for some single post layouts
- Fixed: microdata issue in breadcrumbs
- Fixed: default variation wasn't selected when using label/image swatch and uppercase attribute name in single product page
- Fixed: pagination not working in single product page's comments section
- Fixed: map maker icon not working in Elementor Google Map element
Download Porto v6.2.0 | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Themes Nulled Free
Version 6.2.0 (Sep 26th.2021)

+ Added: Bootstrap 5 Support
+ Added: Page layout feature to set header, footer, blocks, etc in a layout

+ Added: Corporate 21 demo (WPBakery, Elementor)
+ Added: Hotel (Boxed) Elementor demo
+ Added: Classic Light Elementor demo
+ Added: Classic Video Elementor demo
+ Added: Classic Video Light Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 1 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 2 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 3 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 4 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 5 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 6 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 7 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 9 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 10 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 11 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 12 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 13 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 14 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 15 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 16 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 17 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 18 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 19 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 20 Elementor demo

+ Added rel="noopener noreferrer" to target="_blank" links for security reasons
+ Added: a theme option to add rel="nofollow" to social links in member archive and single pages
+ Added: theme options to display new product label
+ Added: an option to disable WP emojis script in speed optimize wizard
+ Added: an option to disable jQuery migrate script in speed optimize wizard
+ Added: an option to control threshold for image width or height in speed optimize wizard
+ Added: an option to control image quality in speed optimize wizard
+ Added: Half container elment
+ Added: Image compare element
+ Added: Image gallery element
+ Added: Recently viewed products element
+ Added: Social Icons element
+ Added: Elementor page header widget
+ Added: Elementor 360 degree image viewer widget
+ Added: dropped jQuery migrate
+ Added: mouse parallax feature
+ Added: several banner effects to Interactive Banner element
+ Added: product video thumbnail
+ Added: social video(Youtube and Videmo) support to Interactive Banner element
+ Added: Admin tools to reset transients and caches, compile css and reset templates' conditions
+ Added: Offcanvas wishlist

- Updated: Insurance demo design
- Updated: Finance demo design
- Updated: Education demo design
- Updated: Real Estate demo design
- Updated: Law firm demo design
- Updated: Hotel demo design
- Updated: Event demo design
- Updated: Restaurant demo design
- Updated: Agency One Page demo design
- Updated: Wedding demo design
- Updated: Shop 28 (Single Product) demo design
- Updated: Resume demo design
- Updated: appear and lazyload js using IntersectionObserver
- Updated: review sorting is removed in products elements if reviews are disabled in WooCommerce settings
- Updated: dropped .visible plugin in theme.js
- Updated: enhanced js rendering time 40ms
- Updated: category filter and sort feature in products element using js cache
- Updated: some elements pages
- Updated: Grid system in gutenberg editor
- Updated: advanced testimonial style
- Updated: jquery waitforimages plugin to vanilla imagesloaded plugin

- Fixed: w3 validation issues throughout theme
- Fixed: css animation not working sometimes on resize from tablet to mobile
- Fixed: some css issues on safari and firefox
- Fixed: compatibility issue with menu slide type and menu lazyload feature
- Fixed: svg not importing in Porto studio
- Fixed: sub menu overflow issue in blog 3 demo
- Fixed: sub menu not opening using arrow in accordion menu
- Fixed: Porto studio not importing in WPBakery frontend editor
- Fixed: IntersectionObserver not working on firefox and safari
- Fixed: compatibility issues with WooCommerce plugins and skeleton loading in single product page
Download Porto v6.1.8 | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Themes Nulled Free
v6.1.8 (Aug 24th.2021)

- Fixed: compatibility with WooCommerce 5.6.0
- Fixed: active breadcrumbs item was clickable in order complete page
Download Porto v6.1.4 | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Themes Nulled Free
v6.1.4 (Jul 21th.2021)

- Fixed: Scrollspy not working on Firefox (resume demo)
- Fixed: Porto Studio not importing in WPbakery Frontend editor
- Fixed: daily sale timer not working well on variable product
- Fixed: Shop 22 wcfm version not importing because of WCFM - WooCommerce Frontend Manager plugin
- Fixed: styled map not working in Porto Visual Composer Google map element
Download Porto v6.0.5 | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Themes Nulled Free
Version 6.0.5 (Feb 06th.2021)

+ Added: lens effect on product images for all single product layouts such as Extended, Full Width, Grid, Sticky Info, Transparent Images, etc
+ Added: edit link of builder templates in frontend for admin users
- Fixed: Visual Composer 33.0 compatibility issues
- Fixed: selective refersh not working well sometimes in customize panel
- Fixed: minor js issue in variable product page
- Fixed: banner slider height issue in shop 18 demo on mobile
- Fixed: Visual Composer Google Map element not working
- Fixed: css3 animation effect not working after importing demo for Visual Composer demos
- Fixed: iframe tag not working in the custom tab content of single product page
Download Porto v6.0.4 | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Themes Nulled Free
V6.0.4 (1.29.2021)

- Fixed: issue with templates builder type not displaying for old blocks and custom product layouts
- Fixed: issue with category field not displaying for custom post types in Gutenberg editor
- Fixed: wrong product columns in shop pages of shop 35 demo when deleting some products
- Fixed: minor php warning in inc/functions/general.php
- Fixed: post format not displaying in "modern" blog page type
- Fixed: a rtl issue at the breadcrumbs section in checkout and cart pages
- Fixed: register action not working in the login popup when using old form login template
- Fixed: iframe not working in custom tab content of single product page
- Fixed: Elementor shop 25 demo not importing
Download Porto v6.0.3 | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Themes Nulled Free
Version 6.0.3 (Jan 18th.2020)

- Fixed: php 8 issues
- Fixed: WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin compatibility issue when using "Default" value for Porto -> Theme Options -> Header -> View, Currency Switcher -> Currency Switcher Position.
- Fixed: minor php warnings in functions.php
Download Porto v6.0.2 | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Themes Nulled Free
Version 6.0.2 (Jan 13th.2020)

- Updated: support lens effect on product images for "Extended" and "Full Width" single product type
- Fixed: two php 8 errors
- Fixed: cart link not working in add to cart notification style 1
- Fixed: a translation issue in cart page version 2
Download Porto v6.0.1 | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Themes Nulled Free
Version 6.0.1 (Jan 07th.2020)

+ Added: Porto settings options to Visual Composer Settings panel in frontend editor
+ Added: automatically convert old blocks to Porto -> Templates Builder -> Blocks
- Updated: language files
Download Porto v5.5.5 | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Themes Nulled Free
Version 5.5.5 (Dec 31th.2020)

- Fixed: jQuery 3.5 compatibility issues
- Fixed: page wrapper background issue when using footer reveal effect
- Fixed: right sidebar not displaying well when using off cavans filter on shop pages
- Fixed: products column issue when adding Porto product element on shop pages
- Fixed: style issue in Theme Options panel when using other admin scheme